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Meh, It Was a Start…

   (0-2)    Indians   5
   (2-0)       Rangers    8       Final

I’m not worried… Why should I be? The Indians answered most of the questions I had tonight. No matter how big the Rangers’ lead got or how many home run they hit or how far… The Tribe didn’t give up!

This game was a lot closer than the final score lets on. At first, we thought it was going to be just like last game. Texas even got the same 4-run 2nd like they had on Opening Day, and Cleveland got another ‘freebie’ point when Garko was beaned and forced a walk-on. But Carmona stayed calm and even through he was taken out in the 5th, he proved to me that he’s going to be fine this season.

The bullpen did ok (despite Betancourt giving up that homer), we finally got our first extra-base hit, our first home run and they kept at in even though a comeback seemed hopeless. The only thing I am worried about is they still can’t seem to get base hits with men in scoring position. But, like I said before, because it their home field the Rangers know how to work their field on both offense and defense unlike any other home team could in their ballpark. The Rangers knew what to expect tonight, the Indians didn’t.

We got Carl Pavano on the mound tomorrow. I’m not sure if that is a good thing at this time or not. But I don’t really see the pitching as the problem here. We need the find a way to wake up everyone’s bats and get some runs on the board! Once we start clicking on offense, everything will fall into place.

It’s only been two games. The World Champion Phillies lost their first two games too before coming back from behind 10 runs today vs the Braves. If they can bounce back like that to grab their first win, so can we.

I’m not worried, Tribe. You shouldn’t be either.