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LIVE MLBlog! Indians @ Yankees: First Reg. Season Game at NEW Yankee Stadium

Final  1  2  3  4  5  6
 7  8  9  10  R  H  E
Indians  0  0
 0  1  0  0
 9  0  0
 10  13  1
Yankees  0
 0  0  1  0
 1  0  0
 2  9  1

5:05 CLE 10 NYY 2 – Final: DOUBLE PLAY!!! BALLGAME!!! The Tribe needed this win! The fact the it was against the Yankees makes it even sweeter!


5:00 Bot 9th: Betancourt loads the bases with 1 out…


4:44 Mid 9th: Only three outs to go!


4:37 Top 9th: Infield single by Graffanino.




4:33 Bot 8th: Another K for Perez.


4:24 Mid 8th: Tribe goes down 1-2-3 in the 8th.


4:17 End 7th: Perez gets his first strikeout of the season and gets out of the inning with only one run against him…


4:14 Bot 7th: Cano hits a RBI single to left. 10-2 Tribe.


4:10 Bot 7th: Perez not finding to zone again. Betancourt in the bullpen.










3:44 Top 7th: Martinez doubles to right. DeRose to 3rd, No Out.


3:40 End 6th: Lee FINALLY puts down the Yanks 1-2-3. We’ll likely see Perez next inning.


3:37 Bot 6th: Rafal Perez warming up in the Indians buulpen.


3:33 Mid 6th: Grady flies out to center. Another scoring chance missed…


3:29 Top 6th: Safe at 2nd! Bases Loaded for the Tribe with 2 outs! New pitcher coming out for the Yankees.


3:27 Top 6th: Error saves Tribe. 2-on, 2-out


3:22 Top 6th: C.C. finally strikes out Shoppach and is taken out after 122 and 4 K’s


3:11 End 5th: Lee gets a force out but Yanks homer to tie up the game at 1.


3:02 Bot 5th: Posada hit a solo Home Run to Center Field. Game tied 1-1


3:00 Bot 5th: Two K’s in a row!


2:59 Bot 5th: Great strikeout by Lee for the first out of the 5th.


2:55 Mid 5th: C.C. escapes with another strikeout.


2:52 Top 5th: Vic with a cluch hit with 2 out. C.C. over 100 pitches.


2:47 Top 5th: Sizemore thrown out stealing 2nd but DeRosa get a base hit.


2:41 Top 5th: Crowe kept swinging away but should of just taken that last pitch…


2:37 End 4th: GREAT PITCH! Lee survives again!


2:35 Bot 4th: Bases loaded for Damon with 2 outs…


2:33 Bot 4th: Wild pitch moves runners to 2nd and 3rd…


2:29 Bot 4th: Lee walks his first batter on a pitch that could of gone either way.




2:19 Top 4th: Close but no cigar, Jhonny…


2:14 Top 4th: Jhonny gets a leadoff double to start the 4th inning for the Tribe.


2:11 End 3rd: What is with batters on BOTH teams swinging at pitches WAY OUTSIDE of the zone?


2:06 Bot 3rd: Vic’s getting better at first base! I’m surprised he tried that play.


2:01 Mid 3rd: I blame DeRosa for that pop-out/throw-out double play… He had more than enough time to get back and just froze. 


1:56 Top 3rd: Grady and DeRosa walk back-to-back. C.C. keeps on throwing into the dirt today.


1:49 End 2nd: Leadoff hit for the Yanks but Lee gets his first K or the game.


1:42 Mid 2nd: C.C. ends the the 2nd like he did the 1st — with a strikeout.


1:37 Top 2nd: Francisco hits a 2-out double to left field.


1:29 End 1st: So far, so good! I don’t think that bean was Lee’s fault… But he get’s out of the 1st with no damage done.


1:23: Bot 1st: Lee Beans Teixeira. Don’t fall apart now, Cliff!


1:21 Bot 1st: The first hit in the new park goes to NYY


1:20 Bot 1st: That was cool that they brought out Babe Ruth’s bat for a little tribute.


1:16: Mid 1st: C.C. seems to be having problems finding the strike zone but gets a swinging K to end the inning.


1:15 Top 1st: DeRosa’s bat must of broke because he hit that ball harder than it traveled…


1:06 Pregame: I ended up missing almost all of the pregame show because the fire alarm went off here at the station… Got back in just in time to see the start of the game.


It’s Game Time! Tribe @ Yanks in the New Yankee Stadium with the last 2 AL Cy Young winners on the mound! This should be fun to watch! I hoping for a game like a few years ago… lol


Bats Are Awake, Pitchers Still Asleep.

   (0-3)     Indians   8   
   (3-0)     Rangers   12            Final

Ok… I won’t lie to you, Tribe. After the 2nd inning of today’s game, I was in search of that ‘Panic Button’ I was talking about on Opening Day. I mean, I had my doubts on Carl Pavano starting today but… down 9-1 at the end of the 2ND?! DAMN!

What is it with our staring pitching so far? I can give Cliff Lee some slack for his performance. After all, He was struck by a line drive just above his throwing elbow right before he let four 2-out runs get on the board. So what was Carmona’s and Pavano’s deal? Nerves? Or was it that we just really didn’t know how to stop the Texas hitters?

Whatever the reason, Zach Jackson did his best to get try and get us out of the hole. He’s not anywhere near taking over a starting job. But, a few more games as the long man and we could see some great things from him in the future.

The good news is for the second game in a row, the Indians didn’t just just lay down and die like they did in game 1. The bats finally came alive today with 5, yes FIVE, home runs from the Tribe in hopes of getting back into the game. Grady Sizemore hit two 2-run homers, but also struckout three times. It seems as if Victor’s slump may have been snapped as he hit also homered and Pronk hit the ball so hard in the 9th it may as well had made it half way to China is the stands weren’t in the way! Kelly Shoppach was also able to touch-’em-all today

I’ll bet if they had to play one more game vs Texas, Cleveland would of won…

Bottom Line: Texas came into this opening series ready to play… we weren’t. And by the time we were, The Rangers already knew our weak points. I have faith that the next time we let that happen won’t be for a EVERY long time.

Also, It was nice to see Omar Vizquel on the field again. I miss him here in Cleveland.

The Tribe FINALLY comes home to Progressive Field (aka “The Jake”) tomorrow for a weekend series against the Blue Jays. We’ll have Scott Lewis on the mound who had a 2.63 ERA last year. Will he fair better than our last three starters? If the Indians do their job at the plate, I think so. But, just remember… Offense scores runs, but pitching wins games.

Last time the Cleveland Indians went 0-3 to start a season, they when on to win close to 100 games that year. Once when the Yankees went 0-3, they won the ALCS… Maybe getting swept on the road to start off wasn’t the way we wanted to begin the 2009 season, but at least we know it’s not the end of it… and that we get to come home tomorrow.

Tomorrow’s a new day, Tribe. A new game. A Home Opener…

Tomorrow is Opening Day again…

Let’s make it count!

(PS: I’ll be trying to do a LIVE MLBlog tomorrow! I’ll be updating throughout the Home Opener with my thoughts and opinions about every inning or so, or whenever a big play happens. I’ll start posting about half-a-hour to an hour before the game. Be sure to check it out!)

Quick 2009 Tribe Preview…

I’ll likely go into full detail into what I think about this year’s team later this week. (I like to see or listen to a few games before I can truly give my opinions on things like this.) So, before the Tribe’s Opening Day game, here are my thoughts on the 2009 Cleveland Indians!

Grady Sizemore: I don’t think he’ll have another Gold Glove year, but he’ll deffinitly do his job in the outfield as well as in the batter’s box. I think if the #8 and #9 hitters do their work, Grady could make a run for the RBI Title.

Mark DeRosa: Sizemore’s finally getting the help he needs as the leadoff man. He played great in the WBC with a .316 AVG and I think he’ll stay hot throughout most of the MLB season and give the Indians a push when they need it. This guy is our new Casey Blake.

Victor Martinez:
I’m not sure about Vic… I’m not 100% sold on the fact that shifting him to 1st base is a good thing. I think he’ll have a much better year at bat, but not knowing where he’ll be defenseivly through most of the season worries me a little.

Travis Hafner:
I believe Pronk will have a much better year as well. As long as he stays healthy, he’ll snap out of his slump. I also think shifting Hafner to 1st and puting Vic at DH for part of the season is a better choice… But so far, every time I say that I get confused looks from everybody so, maybe I’m just crazy.

Jhonny Peralta:
I don’t really have much to say about Peralta. I just think He’ll have a year just like last and could be in talks for the Shortstop Gold Glove. (But likely won’t win it.)

Shin-Soo Choo:
I’ve always liked this guy for some reason I just can’t seem to place my finger on… The Tribe was a little worried about him in the WBC while hurt, but he played great for Korea continued to play well in Spring Training. Expect a lot of base hits and home runs from “Big League Choo” this season.

Kelly Shoppach:
Maybe Shoppach’s a better choice at 1st than Victor… I don’t know. This is another guy I have little to no opinion or predictions on. I just wish Eric Wedge knew what to do at Catcher.

Ben Francisco:
I think Ben will do OK. I just see more defense rather than offense coming from him.

Asdrubal Cabrera:
Remember that Unassisted triple play he pulled off last season? It’s a bit of a stretch to say that he’ll pull something like that off again, But I think it’s save to say that the Indians are good at 2nd base.

Cliff Lee:
I honestly believe that last year’s Cy Young winning season was a fluke for Lee. Not to say he won’t have a good year this year, but if you’re looking for him to pull off another 20+ win season, you’re crazy. I think he’ll get somewhere between 15 and 18 wins this year.

Fausto Carmona:
This kid has what it takes if he could just learn to settle his nerves. I think he’ll finally figure that out this year. I can see him getting at least 14 wins this season.

Kerry Wood:
I’m not going to lie… when ESPNews broke the story that Wood was traded to Cleveland, I got the biggest grin on my face! He is the final piece to our bullpen puzzle. Wood can definitely get the most saves in the AL this year.

Final Thoughts:
After our heartbreak in 2007 and the disappointing season last year, I think we really have a chance this year if the Tribe can stay healthy. The AL central will be a battle between the Tribe and the Twins… with whoever coming in second winning the Wild Card.

Bottom Line:
The Indians have what it takes and the tools to win. Our road to a World Series starts now!

Man, I can’t till tomorrow!