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Nick Adenhart 1986-2009


From Yahoo! Sports…

Tragic news: Angels pitcher Nick Adenhart killed in hit-and-run

Terrible news out of California this morning, where we’ve just learned that the Angels’ Nick Adenhart was killed in an early morning hit-and-run accident in Fullerton on Thursday.

The news was first reported by TMZ and later confirmed by Yahoo! Sports baseball columnist Tim Brown.

Just 22 years old, Adenhart started for Los Angeles on Wednesday night and struck out five over six scoreless innings in a 6-4 loss to Oakland.

According to reports, Adenhart was driving home with three others in his Mitsubishi when a mini-van ran through a red light and hit Adenhart’s car, causing it to crash into a light pole. Two passengers in the car died on the scene while another was pronounced dead at the hospital. The driver of the mini-van fled the scene, but was later apprehended by police.

This is the most tragic news you can imagine in the baseball world and our thoughts go out to Adenhart’s family and the entire Angels’ organization, which was already reeling from the death of a fan who was involved in a fight on Opening Day.

Damn man… There are no words to express how to feel about something like this. How can you feel saddened about someone you didn’t even know or only heard about once?

I was at an Indians game early in the season in 2007 when before the game they announced that Cardinals relief pitcher Josh Hancock was killed in a car wreck the night before. You could definitely tell there was a somber feeling throughout The Jake during the National Anthem and starting lineup that didn’t let up until the first pitch was thrown.

That’s one of the beautiful things about baseball… Even if the sport loses someone most fans never even heard of, we all still mourn a little.

It’s proof that everyone in baseball, the players, managers, teams, owners, higher-ups, and fans, are all truly connected as one… a family.

You only kinda wished the Angels won last night after the game he pitched…

My thoughts go to Nick’s family, friends, and the entire Angels ballclub.

Rest in Peace…

Image from MLB.com