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A Few Opening Day Thoughts ‘Round the League

C.C. Gets Lit Up in Yankee Debut Vs O’s: I can’t say I wasn’t happy when I saw the highlights of C.C. blowing it on the mound on Monday. I also can’t say I didn’t see it coming. Playing for a new team (especialy the Yankees) where everyone expects everything from you has to be nerve racking and it showed vs the O’s. And as I said last blog, the same thing happened last year, when he still played for the Tribe, after he won the Cy Young and he was fine a few starts later. If you have C.C. on your fantasy team, don’t worry. He’ll bounce back.


Tim Lincecum Can’t Control Pitches in SF Opener: It seems Cliff Lee wasn’t the only 2008 Cy Young winner to get rocked on Opening Day. While Lee had an excuse for his bad day, (was hit on his pitching arm, remember? Why is no one talking about that?) Lincecum just had problems finding the strike zone. Maybe being on the cover of MLB 2K9 with it’s terrible pitching control caused him to forget how to take control of his pitches in the ream game. *half-sarcasm*


Josh Beckett K’s 10 in Win Vs Rays: Payback is a B*tch… and the Sox got thier’s against the team that beat them in last year’s ALCS. If I had to choose who was the best pitcher in MLB, it’d be Beckett.


Ken Griffey Jr. Hits Homer in Return to Mariners: Talk about coming Full Circle. There must be something about that Seattle uniform.


World Champion Phillies Fall to 0-2: More proof that just beacuse you find success one year, doesn’t mean you’ll find the same success the next year right away.


Three Teams Get Walk-Off Wins Yesterday: Wouldn’t be baseball without ’em.


More to come later tonight after the Indians game.